When I Grow Old: Brand Development

* In collaboration with Provomo


Case Study: Branding with Consistency

When I Grow Old, WIGO is a retirement planning business that consists of a multi-generational household team focusing on planning for an enjoyable retirement



1. Developing a logo that represents their brand image – cool and sophisticated retirees
2. Social media branding – branding social media images with visual elements of the brand so that they are easily recognisable



1. Creating a brand image that relates cool and sophisticated with retirement, which are two aspects that are a little contradicting in most people’s point of view



1. Researched images related to keywords that the client provided
2. Designing a brand character with several styles that match the keywords
3. Illustrating icons of elder people as the logo, as it’s the most expressive way to represent the keywords that the client wants to achieve
4. Social media branding – took reference from the logo and created visual elements that aligned with the logo
Key Capabilities
1. Understanding the client’s branding vision, target market, and services
2. Concept visualisation
3. Illustration
4. Extensive knowledge on multimedia design software



1. Accurately visualised the key brand messages, and the client’s vision and aspirations
2. Branded social media images that are iconic and easily recognisable when shared


Project Scope

Design concept, logo illustration