Happy Cheongsam: Brand Development


Case Study: Building a Powerful Brand

Happy Cheongsam is an online clothing brand for traditional Chinese cheongsams with its own added unique spin. Every piece is given a modern, sweet and classic take, so that every woman can rock the cheongsam in her own unique way



1. Redesigning the brand’s logo for their official Facebook page, to give it a stronger visual identity
2. Developing clothing tags using the revamped logo to ensure every visual touchpoint remains consistent



1. Difficulty expressing the brand values through the logo and establishing a strong brand identity with consistent visual touchpoints



1. Happy Cheongsam collaborated with Superskill by creating a secret moodboard on Pinterest to determine the design direction and to reduce abortive work and revisions
2. The concept is inspired by chic and minimalist styles, employing both a simple and detailed approach that translates into clean aesthetic
Key Capabilities
1. Concept visualisation
2. Moodboard generation
3. Understanding colour theory and typography
4. Working with multimedia design software
5. Layout and conversion optimisation



1. The corporate logo is presented through the strategic use of colour and illustration, in which both blends well together
2. The flowy fishtail concept is chosen as a metaphoric symbol of a woman’s elegant curve
3. Fish also has a positive meaning in the Chinese culture: abundance and prosperity


Project Scope

Design concept, logo illustration