SeaTeam Management: Quarterly Newsletter


Case Study: Promoting Workplace Safety

Based in Singapore and established in 2009, SeaTeam is a shipping organisation that aims to be the top quality provider of ship management services.



Keeping operational employees who are out at sea updated with recent events in the maritime industry. For instance, safety tips, new ISO certification, etc.



1. Maintaining design and print quality consistency
2. Updating, printing and delivering newsletters on time before ships leave dock. This is critical as maritime shipping regulation (OHSAS 18001, ISO/TC8) requires that ships have updated collaterals whenever they leave dock. Non-compliance of the regulation could mean a failed audit or a hefty fine



1. Trusted Superskill for our fast turnaround time and on-demand publishing ability to ensure all the newsletters can be printed and distributed on time
2. Relied on only 1 supplier to handle the design and print work to ensure layout and print quality consistency is maintained throughout every publication
Key Capabilities
1. Continual investment and improvement of supply chain process
2. Understand the unique regulatory requirements of the maritime industry
3. Digital asset and content management for up-to-date version control
4. Print on demand reduces stock keeping



1. Employees onboard are well-informed about the happenings and latest news in the maritime industry
2. Information about safety tips, and habits that are beneficial or detrimental to their wellbeing are also conveyed efficiently


Project Scope

Layout, print