SeaTeam Management: Scratch & Win Lucky Draw


Case Study: Variable Data Print made Easy

Based in Singapore and established in 2009, SeaTeam is a shipping organisation that aims to be the top quality provider of ship management services.



1. Organising a scratch-and-win lucky draw to encourage employees to be more safety-minded
2. Each employee who practices the safety procedure accurately will be given a lucky draw card to participate



1. Customising each lucky draw card with a different set of number, to make sure that no two cards are the same – every card is unique



1. Relied on Superskill’s technology in digital print and image personalisation software to create customised lucky draw cards
Key Capabilities
1. Cutting edge digital print technology to create high quality, full colour documents that look and feel comparable to traditional offset printing
2. Latest image personalisation software that enables mass customisation
3. Print on demand option enables different versions to be printed at small quantities to avoid paper wastage. Instead of printing 10,000 copies of the same version, it is now possible to print 1,000 copies for each version of the 10 different versions



1. Employees are more concerned about their safety and are having fun at the same time while keeping themselves protected from hazards
2. They feel more motivated to comply with safety procedures


Project Scope

Variable data print