Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan: BiCEP Booklet


Case Study: Keeping Chinese Language Alive

The Bicultural Chinese Elective Programme (BiCEP) is launched by SHHK in 2007 in 5 of its affiliated schools for selected Primary 4 pupils. The purpose of this programme is to develop a core group of pupils who are effectively bilingual and bicultural.



1. Designing and printing the BiCEP booklet in celebration of its 10th Anniversary, to express and appreciate the cheerful and fun journey throughout the years



1. Helping readers understand BiCEP’s milestones by using playful elements to promote readability and engagement



1. Using illustrations of playful characters as the main icons of the book, interacting with the book content
2. Incorporating infographics to illustrate BiCEP’s achievements throughout the years
3. Using vibrant and playful colour combination for the page dividers to separate the chapters
Key Capabilities
1. Illustration skills for character and infographic development
2. Colour theory to ensure colours don’t clash with but complement each other
3. Layout optimisation to express creative ideas in limited space given
4. Print management to ensure absolute colour fidelity



1. A concept that is playful and harmonious, with the book’s characters representing 5 different schools that participate in the programme
2. The character’s interaction with the content, infographic, as well as the playful colour combination entice readers and help them better understand the wonderful milestone of BiCEP





Project Scope

Design concept, illustration, layout, print