Shiseido: Skin Care Guide


Case Study: Time is Money

Shiseido is a Japanese multinational company that produces personal care products such as skincare and fragrances. It is also one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world.



1. To get their range of multi-format marketing collaterals out in time to 8 different countries



1. Shiseido was encountering problems liaising with multiple suppliers and localisation for their marketing in the APAC region
2. They had a hard time making sure their marketing collaterals are consistent in quality and their key messages accurately translated



1. They turned to Superskill for our expertise in multi-language localisation and specialised colour control, which is critical for cosmetic products with specific skin tone pigments.
Key Capabilities
1. Rapid multi-language localisation, supported by the latest translation software technology
2. Consistent transcreation across different formats, with tight control over colour management
3. Print management across diverse suppliers
4. Understand client’s regional logistics challenges and ability to streamline the supply chain to reduce speed to market for their retail channels
5. Coordinate regional marketing efforts to ensure brand consistency



1. Shiseido was impressed with the management of promotional campaign
2. Speed to market was reduced by 40%
3. Significant amount of time saved for the marketing team, who were already under pressure to deliver their campaigns on time
4. Improved brand consistency across different products in 8 regional markets, and multiple channels (advertising, indoor point of sale, packaging)
5. Cost savings resulting from reduced lead time, dealing with only one supplier, streamlined supply chain



“Partnering Superskill was an obvious decision to ensure brand consistency and meeting deadlines for our mission critical product launches. We were impressed with their attention to detail. They understood our issues and were always flexible and focussed on achieving our objectives.”\


Project Scope

Translation (English to Japanese)


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