Stena Marine: 2016 Calendar


Case Study: Reminding with Calendars

Austen Maritime, incorporated in 1986 in Singapore, is a subsidiary of Stena Marine Singapore (Holdings) Ltd that offers a full range of port agency, tow management, heavy lifting and bespoke technical services.



1. Producing their annual 14-sheet calendar
2. Educating employees on several safety matters such as office safety, recycling, green printing, housekeeping hygiene etc. using a series of infographic to promote easy understanding and better engagement



1. Presenting complex information in a snackable and concise manner
2. Engaging trusted suppliers to produce design and print that are consistent in quality



1. Commissioned Superskill’s designers to develop illustrations and infographics based on the information and content provided
Key Capabilities
1. Extensive knowledge in various design aspects such as colour theory, typography and kerning, and layout optimisation.
2. Years of experience and skills in developing illustrations.
3. More than a decade of experience working with companies in the maritime industry
4. Deep understanding for the unique regulatory requirements of the maritime industry.



1. A beautiful set of corporate calendars featuring information about the company as well as some safety tips
2. Information are well-presented in the style of an infographic, making it concise and easy to grasp
3. Employees are more aware about the company’s practices and SOPs


Project Scope

Design concept, illustration, layout, print