Thian Hock Keng Temple: 2017 Calendar


Popup calendar featuring ornaments found in temples, illustrated and printed by Superskill. Calendar also includes a box base to contain the calendar sheets as as well as acting as a holder to firmly hold sheets in place.


Project Scope

Design concept, illustration, layout, print


Printing Specifications

Box Base

Size: 100mm (W) x 170mm (L) x 15mm (H)

Extent: 2pp

Material: 420gsm art card

Colour: 4C x 0C

Finishing: Matt lamination; die-cut and pasting to form box


Calendar Sheets

Size: 100mm x 150mm

Extent: 2pp x 12 types

Material: 350gsm art card

Colour: 4C x 4C

Finishing: Matt lamination; die-cut into individual shapes


THK Flat Lay