Gear up for the all exciting IT Show!


Participating as an exhibitor is a great way to get your business noticed, raise your profile and generate sales leads. However, preparing for it can be a challenging task, due to the amount of planning and coordination that goes on behind-the-scenes. What more with the quarterly Singapore IT Show fast approaching, you’ll need to start preparing now to prevent last minute hiccups, especially if you’re a first-time exhibitor.
Perhaps we could be of little help? As an integrated marketing and communication solution provider, we’ve had years of experience helping our clients plan and execute their events; and here are some of the things we think you’ll need:



Prior to the event, it is crucial to get the word out and inform your audience of your participation. This can be communicated in various forms – be it online or offline – to ensure you reach as many people as you can. For maximum impact, you can even combine both online and offline channels for a multi-channel approach. Heres an example:


1. EDM (Electronic Direct Mailer)


EDMs are often the go-to marketing tool for companies due to its cost and time-saving factor. Because it is also flexible, it can be designed in many forms, namely photo montages, illustrations, or even animated gifs. This will act as an invitation for prospective attendees, or serve as a newsletter to update audience on new offers. Besides that, EDMs can be as loosely or as highly targeted, with limitless number of audience you can reach out to. To add a personal touch to your messages, you can even personalise them with the addressees name to promote open and conversion rate. For a more personalised experience, EDMs usually go hand-in-hand with:


2. DM (Direct Mailer)


Without a strong subject line or enticing offer, emails often get ignored, flagged as spam, or trashed without being read. A thoughtfully designed DM can, hence, add legs to your event, by establishing physical bonds with your audience. Sometimes, companies even include QR codes as a call-to-action to drive audience to unique online content. This gives them easier and quicker access to crucial information. Sending out personalised direct mailers can also increase your chances of getting noticed, therefore, creating more awareness for your participation.


3. Social Media

Social Media Teaser

Social media makes a great platform for promoting exhibitions and making your participation known. It provides an avenue for you to share valuable content, offers and real-time updates. Moreover, you can even organise mini contests to tease-out the event-goers and encourage interaction (i.e. likes, comments, shares) to maximise reach. Use of hashtags – especially on Instagram and Twitter – is also a common way of making your way to the trending topic list. Visit our blog on social media marketing to learn more.



At the event, you want to make sure your booth gets noticed. This means that making your booth stand out amongst exhibitors is paramount, which is commonly achieved through:


1. Banners and Posters

Family Day Mockup 2Family Day Mockup 3

People generally process visual information better. Having well-designed posters and banners as part of your strategy enables the right message to be conveyed at the right time, so that it remains relevant and attention-grabbing. When placed strategically, they can also attract your target audience to visit your booth. No matter how small or big, posters and banners are the most cost-effective way of reaching out and communicating with your target audience; making it achievable not only for large organisations but also SMEs.


2. Brochures, pamphlets, flyers and folders

SFCCA Children

When it comes to conveying compelling stories about your brand, brochures are your best friend. Companies with beautifully-designed brochures outshine competitors by having that great first impression. For maximum impact, you can even customise them with messages and content directed to different audience segments.
Pamphlets and flyers, on the other hand, are the cost-effective alternative to showcase available offers and promotions. Its really important that your flyer includes a clear call to action and a contact to reach – such as your phone number and store locations – so that your audience knows where and how to find you. Apart from that, letting your audience know exactly how taking action will benefit them helps to drive action. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Call us now to get a 20% discount
  2. Visit our website for a discount code
  3. Sign up now to get a free sample

If you want to step it up by integrating your communications, you can also use QR codes to direct audience to online content.


And finally, have a customised folder to help your audience keep everything – from company brochures to pamphlets – in place. This not only helps them walk around easily as they stroll through the trade show floor, it also helps to improve brand recall. This is because folders are reusable. And by giving away one with your brand name on it, your audience can reuse them in the future; therefore, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind.


3. Giveaways

Sometimes, people need a little push to visit you – or what we like to call, the whats in it for me? mindset. People are naturally drawn to your booth, if they know they will get some freebies in return. This doesn’t mean you have to break your bank, though, by giving away free iPads. Try something more cost effective and practical. It can be something people use in daily life, such as notepads or USB drives, customised with your brand name. This ensures your brand is consistently in sight, hence creating a lasting impression. For more ideas on exhibition giveaways, click here.



Lastly, don’t forget to add those newly signed up members to your email marketing database! Successful sales stories usually stem from regular follow ups and email updates on new products and promotions. If you want to take it a step further, you can even schedule after-sales support emails or surveys to follow up and see if your customers have any problems or questions using your product. This is to establish stronger customer relations and develop brand loyalty.


Are you ready to rock that IT Show? Get in touch with us if you need help developing your collaterals.