Goodbye, November…Hello, December. With Thanksgiving out of the way, this only means one thing: Christmas is coming! And we’re here to help you capture your audience’s heart with heart-warming season’s greeting ideas. Time to toss out the age-old, store-bought greeting card and start taking notes.


Here are 4 ways you can send a unique greeting that tells your audience you are sincere and thoughtful:


1. Animated EDMs

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Animation is an engaging instrument that can convey your message more comprehensively. In fact, studies have shown that 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. This has resulted in the inevitable shift towards visual content on social media. So if you want your audience to remember your brand, instead of sending them wishes in words, consider incorporating dancing reindeers or singing elves into your greetings to entice them. Here’s an example of an animated EDM we did last year.


2. Personalised Greeting Cards

If you think EDMs are too generic and don’t do justice to your most loyal customers, you can even complement it with a personalised card mailed to their address. Customise the message, names and mailing address, to make it look less like a mass mail. With cutting-edge image personalisation software and digital printing technology, the level of customisation is as flexible as you need it to bethe possibility is endless!


3. Social Media Posts

Get your name out there with social media. Reach out to target audiences that aren’t on your mailing list, and tell them you haven’t forgotten about them. If you’re on a budget, you can even maximise mileage of your current EDM, by slightly tweaking it to resonate with your social media fans and followers.


4. Video Commercials

If you’re feeling the holiday spirit and you want to convey it in video format, do so without the hard-selling. Instead, plan out a Christmas story that tugs at your audiences’ heart string and makes them go “aww”. Few brands have done it right, and it gives us the chills after watching it. Here are some examples. (We’re not crying, you’re crying.)
The takeaway here is that to get audiences to remember your brand, you have to resonate with them with captivating visuals and personalised messages. Hard-selling ads no longer work in the digital age where attention spans are decreasing. So go with a softer approach that elicits strong emotions.


If you need help executing these ideas, Superskill is here to the rescue. We are your one-stop marketing solutions provider that helps to bring your ideas to life. Get in touch with us for a free quote today!