The annual Singapore Food Festival is just around the corner, where attendees are served with a smorgasbord of Instagrammable food and delicious aromas permeating the room.

The events would be happening from 13th July to 29th July at multiple locations around Singapore and every location promises a wide selection of local cuisine to feast on. The subsequent event at Expo would be happening from 30th August to 02nd September.

With the many stalls vying for the customer’s attention, it’s going to require more than just excellent culinary skills to capture the shopper’s attention and wallet.

Below are 3 ways you can stand out amongst your competitors and provide them with an experience they will not forget:


Grab their attention with something BIG

Banners are a great way to shout out your message to the audiences about your products at an event, whether you are selling Wanton noodles or a delicate slice of strawberry shortcake.

Food Festival Marketing poster
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A well-designed banner is a great tool to help you stand out amongst the sea of marketing messages the attendees are bombarded with, enabling your message to be perfectly conveyed to the attendees. The durability and versatility also make banners a cost effective promotional tool for any small to medium enterprises and reused for any future events.

Go digital with an awesome landing page

When was the last time when you bought something new without first checking them out online?

A visually appealing website for foodies

In this modern age, people are ever reliant on the internet to check online for more information about a store or restaurant before making the purchase. You would also want to ensure that customers can be kept abreast of the happenings or promotion in your store after the event by getting them to sign up for your mailing list on your site.

The traditional method still works

Food Festival Marketing flyers and brochures


Flyers remain one of the best methods of creating awareness for your brand or products at an event.

However, attendees received a ton of marketing flyers during an event, so how do you make yours stand out?

Try to recall a time when you went to get the letters from your letterbox and just when you were about the throw the flyers away, one particular design caught your eye and you kept it for further reference. This is the power of having a compelling design, helping you stand out amongst the horde of marketing materials.

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