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Printing can be as easy and sophisticated as you want. At Superskill, we believe in the art of composing a beautiful publication to show off your content. Hence, we provide a combination of offset and digital print capabilities to suit your varying needs. On one hand, traditional offset print offers a wider range of print media, spot colours and colours that are not commonly used, such as metallic inks and fluorescent colours. Ideally, for a crisp, clean, and professional-looking product, offset print works best – especially for print projects with larger volumes, as it is more cost effective.

Digital print, on the other hand, offers you the speed and flexibility to adapt your printing needs to any situation. Unlike traditional offset printing, digital print is more versatile as you can print as much or as little as you need, and even personalising each version using a different image, text or layout. With the advancement of image personalisation technology, you can now customise each piece with different elements without ever breaking a sweat – each brochure can be unique, depending on who you’re sending it to.

Personalisation is all about relating to the target audience. Customers respond much better when they see a message that strikes a chord with them. A study conducted by McKinsey & Company reported that companies that applied personalisation to their sales and marketing efforts experienced 5 to 8 times increase on ROI and 10% uplift on sales revenue. It is the perfect solution for corporate communicators and marketers who need to get small or urgent jobs done quickly and cost effectively.

Here are 3 amazing digital printing ideas that you can use for your marketing efforts:

Personalised brochure – Produced on-demand, with each brochure customised according to
the customers name, interests, etc. Not sure what we mean? Here’s an example.

Custom calendars – Each date can have a personalised note that’s special to your customer.

Company newsletters – Update your customers on latest products or events they might be
interested in, based on their industry and relationship with you.

Today, business owners need to combine offline and online communications to offer customers an integrated experience. One way of doing this is to use technology such as QR codes to link customers to your website. Not only will this give them quicker access to useful content, you are also driving more traffic to your website.

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