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Translation plays a huge role in the world of businesses. While English is the common language of global business, businesses have been making impact in overseas markets, through translating and localising their messages to non-native speakers. People who speak English as a second language prefer to read, watch and shop in their first language. And that’s where translation comes into play.

Products launched beyond home borders will still need to meet relevant packaging and labelling standards, and that’s why translation and interpretation services remain a vital part of doing business globally. Besides that, translation also allows ideas and information to spread across cultures, hence its demand is booming.

Translation is not just about the words but also about the semantics, making sure that the original meaning and intent is not lost. We work with native speakers from all Asian countries and many European countries, to develop and translate general content in languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa, Tamil, Urdu, Tagalog and more.

We also help make your communications locally relevant by including localised touches such as faces and sceneries to connect with the audiences. Personalisation and digital print is the perfect combination for printing on demand to suit just that varying need. Change of text and images renders each of your print unique. Centralising the localisation process in one place also means you can consolidate your printing in one country, and gain economies of scale on prices and production costs.

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