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People often suffer from information overload, in a hyper-connected, over-shared world like ours today. Business owners increasingly need to shift their focus from advertising and promotion (after all, who wants to be sold to?), to solving their customers’ problems with useful and interesting content. It is a move that sets businesses apart.

Your website becomes the most important place to communicate, interact and serve your customers. This is because information is critical, and the web is a primary go-to location where people find answers to their questions. Having an up-to-date online presence also ensures that you are there when your potential customers need help, hence making your digital real estate work for you globally, anytime, anywhere.

With mobile phones an indispensable part of our daily lives, we’re experiencing a massive change in the way people consume content. Customers now expect businesses to be readily available for them whenever, wherever; to solve their problems and to be there in those micro-moments.

The term micro-moments, coined by Google, refers to intent-driven moments of decision and preference-shaping that occur throughout the consumer journey. These moments are defined by people reflexively turning to a device to act on a need. A need to learn, do, buy, watch, or discover something new. In these moments, customers’ expectations are extremely high. They want things right, and they want them right away. What better way to connect with them than your website, which is active 24/7?

By having a professional, mobile-ready site, you are ensuring that your brand stays at the forefront of your customers’ minds. However, having a well-designed website alone is not enough. You need to pair it with a comprehensive content strategy that addresses and fulfils your customers’ needs in these micro-moments. Mobile website and application design takes expertise, unique graphics and deep UX/UI knowledge. If content has been developed for the main website, it can be quickly adapted and made suitable for mobile applications through responsive design.

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